You can organize your cosmetics by trying these simple yet clever ideas.

Do you often rummage through your makeup bag or vanity drawer trying to find that red lipstick you know you saw somewhere? Do you own multiples of the exact same mascara? If this is you then there is a better solution. Simply apply these ideas for organizing your cosmetics and you will make even the most seasoned makeup artist jealous.

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9 Best Makeup Organizing Ideas

1. Declutter the space.

Remove all those brushes, eyeliners, lip sticks, eyeshadows and the like from your makeup storage area. It is best to start organizing with a clean slate.

2. Start fresh.

Most people store their makeup in their bathroom. There are several reasons this is not the best place to store cosmetics. You can read more about the reasons on our bathroom storage blog. A better place to store your makeup is in a bedroom dresser or vanity drawer. Be sure to choose the best place for storing your cosmetics.

3. Visualize the space

Determine the best layout for your makeup. Do you want to keep all your cosmetic brushes in one drawer and your eye products in another drawer? If you can visualize how you want the space to function, it will help expedite the organization process.

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4. Buy storage tools

Instead of throwing all your cosmetics in a drawer or makeup bag, you could purchase a few storage containers to help better organize it. Amazon has some great storage tools for cosmetics like a rotating makeup organizervanity trays and palette organizer. These tools will help separate your makeup products and make it easier to find them.

5. Corral like items.

Create piles of similar cosmetics. Put all your makeup brushes in one pile and your lip sticks in another pile and so on. That way you can see the amount of each product you have so you know what storage tray to use for a specific product.

6. Check expiration dates.

Cosmetics trap bacteria so using expired makeup can lead to eye infections or skin irritation. If you are not sure if a product is expired or not, a telltale sign is if there is a change in the texture or smell of it. If in doubt, throw it out.

7. Clean cosmetic brushes.

Yep, those brushes can carry bacteria too. Wash your brushes in mild soap detergent and dry thoroughly. Be sure to clean your brushes regularly (at least once a month).

8. Fill storage trays.

Put all the makeup you use the most in the rotating makeup organizer. Then add some of those vanity trays to your drawers and fill them with smaller cosmetics. Now fill the palette organizer with your eyeshadow and blush palettes to store in the drawer or on top of your vanity. Soon you will be all organized.

  • Best Makeup Organizing Ideas

9. Restock your inventory.

Now that you’re organized, you can easily see what cosmetics need restocking. Purchase the products you need and you’ll be ready to start applying makeup.

Here is a helpful video for some tips on storing beauty products.

With your makeup all put in order, you are one step closer to organizing the rest of your bedroom. Here are a few useful methods to check out on our bedroom organization blog.