There are space-saving tricks that can help you find your stuff quickly in the closet. You can also get the arrangement done by spending less. I prepared for you six essential things that are simple and efficient to minimize your clutter or mess for a better closet organization in the house. Here are six items for organized closet ideas.

Powder Steel Adjustable Tension Rods

These hanging rods are easy to set up to handle your shoes. Its available sizes are 18 inches up to 42 inches. With its adjustable length, this makes it easier for you to install. Most renters prefer to use these when planning organized closet ideas.

The material is easy to manage and leaves no trace on the walls. These tension rods are robust because they are made of superior grade steel. Even though your shoes come in various sizes and shapes, you will be able to organize them with these tough powder steel adjustable tension rods.

You can install the rods from the floor going up. You can accumulate more foot apparels effectively in this kind of setup. With this technique, your storage area for sandals and shoes looks neat and easy to manage.

There are silver hanging rods that you can find in the market but since I want my closet to have minimal of shiny stuff, what I bought were white powder steel adjustable tension rods for my foot apparels.

Powder Steel Adjustable Tension Rods for organized closet ideasTension Rods for organized closet ideas

Spectrum Diversified Teardrop Storage Basket

I made it to the point that I have a dedicated spot for the linen. As much as possible, I want the area to be clutter-free.

When I browsed the online store, I found these items called spectrum diversified teardrop storage baskets. They are sturdy and made of steel. The color is industrial gray. The basket has handles so you can carry them easily.

I was delighted and bought them immediately because they will be perfect for organized closet ideas. I can quickly locate the linen that I want because I can see through the baskets. They are excellent storage hacks for any room.

Spectrum Diversified Teardrop Storage Basket for organized closet ideas

Spectrum Diversified Teardrop Storage Basket for organized closet ideas

Rustic Decorative Wood Crates

The appearance looks natural wood. You can paint them for aesthetic purposes. There are three available sizes of these crates:

  • large: 15″ x 11″ x 6″
  • medium: 12″ x 9″ x 5″
  • small: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 5″

You can use these boxes to come up with a sliding wood crate design. You can try a DIY approach or consult a carpenter to do it. The result is amazing and is one of the best-organized closet ideas.

Should you wish to include four sliding wood crates, you will need the following materials:

  • Four wood crates
  • Three pieces of 18″ full extension drawer slides
  • Two pieces of 8′ 1×4 pine furring strips
  • chalkboard stickers
  • wall anchors
  • wood screws

Rustic Decorative Wood Crates

Wooden Crates for organized closet ideas

Premium Quality Velvet Hanger

I bought a set of 50 pieces from an online store, and they are indeed of high-quality and long-lasting. They look sleek, professional and are the perfect closet hangers for all types of clothes. The swivel hook lets you turn it 360 degrees. Its classic design and shape prevent your suit from dropping.

These hangers are flexible but stronger than standard counterparts. You will be able to maximize your clothing storage with these top-of-the-line pieces.

Premium Quality Velvet Hanger for organized closet ideas

Velvet Hangers for organized closet ideas

Command Forever Classic Metal Hook

With its adhesive strips, you will be able to hold items to up to 5 pounds of weight. This large multi-purpose hook is colored bronze. The package includes two hooks with four strips.

You can use these items for various purposes such as mounting light see-through baskets on the wall, hanging accessories like necklace, sunglasses, belts, clinging wraps, cable management, hanging clipboard and many others.

I use these metal command hooks to hold the Bali Blinds Ball Cafe Rod. They are a perfect match. I have a lot of sandals with heels, and I use the hanging rod to keep them. If you’re thinking about organized closet ideas, this is something that you should try.

Command Forever Classic Metal Hook
Command Forever Hooks for organized closet ideas

White Poly Pegboard

This item is lovely as It will you a lot to hold various stuff. It is durable and easy to clean. You need not paint this industrial quality material. You can easily install it against the wall using a screwdriver.

Did you know that you can customize a design to have a rotating mechanism? You can try to do it yourself, but consulting a carpenter is recommended to have it done correctly and come up with a working revolving pegboard storage.

To make a revolving pegboard, you would need the following:

  • pegboards
  • picture frames
  • angle irons
  • lath screws
  • flat washers
  • wood glue
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • circular saw
  • hooks
  • drywall anchors

More Organized Closet Ideas

  1. Organize your foot apparels so that they look pleasing to the eyes. Place all the flat footwears on two tension rods parallel with each other. For those with heels, you can make another two tension rods but position the 1st tension rod slightly higher than the 2nd.
  2. A handy tip that can help us easily access our clothes is by categorizing the zones. You should have hot and cold zones. For example, all those frequently used items must be placed at the center so that you can quickly get them. Those items that you seldom use, you can position them on the sides.
  3. Coordinating your hangers according to color is wise. In this method, you can easily distinguish your clothes. It will decrease your effort getting which is which that you need for a specific occasion. Group them by separating those that you need for work.
  4. If you have plastic hangers and you are not satisfied with how they hold your clothes because they keep on dropping, I suggest that you put a rubber band on each edge of the hanger. They will prevent your suit from falling.
  5. Another useful tip for you to maximize your closet space is by learning to fold your clothes and socks correctly. You will realize that there’s more space available for other items if they are organized.

There are a lot of ways to maximize the space of your closet with organized closet ideas. Consider these ideas, and you will surely have a clutter-free storage area and live a happy and organized life.