I have a love-hate relationship with my bathroom. On one hand, it’s a brand new and beautifully modern bathroom. But on the other, I honestly don’t know what to do with my bathroom storage space. I have this giant linen closet, a spacious medicine cabinet, and a cabinet under the sink. This is a stark difference to the last place I lived where the bathroom had 0 storage built in. But the result of both is the same: there’s clutter.

Whether your bathroom is ripe with bathroom storage options like mine, or you’re lacking in the storage space department, we’re going to figure out how to tackle that messy and disorganized bathroom together!


Why does having an organized bathroom even matter?

 I’m glad you asked, because I was wondering the same at first. I mean, my bathroom may not be the most organized and Martha Stewart Magazine-worthy, but I can find what I need. Plus, it’s all hidden behind closed doors anyway, so it’s not like anybody sees it! So, what gives?

This question is why my bathroom was the last frontier of my organization overhaul when I decided to get my own home in order. And I finally figured it out once the rest of my organization ducks were in a row. You see, when you have things tidy and organized and lookin’ good, it feels good. It stressed me out knowing that my bathroom was a hidden Narnia of chaos, and I didn’t even realize it.

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We should feel happy, light, and refreshed during that time. Not stressed out and chaotic. Plus, I got tired of shampoo bottles falling on my feet.


But First… 

Declutter. Decluttering is always the first step, and we’ve talked about it a lot in past blogs. So, if you’ve been keeping up with our organization adventures, you’re already well-versed in decluttering. If not, check out some of our past blogs that go more in-depth on the how-to and importance of decluttering. I recommend checking out our blog on organizing your closet. It has some great decluttering tips in it. For my bathroom storage, I threw away empty packages, expired medications, and things I haven’t used in over a year. Now, apply those tips to your bathroom storage and then we’re ready for the actual organizing part!

Speaking of which, I highly recommend removing all makeup products from your bathroom. Makeup should never be stored in the bathroom or any other moist environments because it can breed bacteria and mold that makes you sick and causes your skin to break out. It also can cause your makeup to expire quicker. Aside from that, storing your makeup in the bathroom also causes it to collect bacteria from the toilet. I know. Gross. I store my makeup in my bedroom.


Bathroom Storage


Bathroom Storage


Main Bathroom Storage 

For most bathrooms, the main bathroom storage spot is the medicine cabinet. This cabinet is often quite small and space is limited. So, you should limit the kind of items that you use that space for. The things we store there are medications (human and pet), vitamins, band aids, deodorant, hair and face cleaning/moisturizing products, mouth hygiene products, contact lenses and contact lens solution, and cotton swabs/pads.

Many people try to fit everything in there. They put in cleaning supplies, cosmetics, shower gels and shampoos, and all sorts of other odds and ends. While I understand that there may not be any other storage space in your bathroom, try to find other homes for these items and keep the things you store in your bathroom limited to the essentials.

It also helps to repackage some things and add in some mini storage options. In my medicine cabinet, I’ve taken cotton swabs out of their package and put them in a little wicker basket. I also store my hair combs, clips, and elastics in a slightly larger wicker basket. Aside from that, toothbrushes and band aids have been placed into some cute containers as well. This makes things easier to grab, keeps things neat, and looks nice.

The Linen Closet

Not everybody has a linen closet as one of their bathroom storage options, but if you do, it’s important to keep it limited to what it’s meant for. Otherwise, like mine did, it becomes a catch-all for random items. I had cleaning supplies, extra tooth brushes, lotions, and feminine hygiene products in there. There was also some laundry and a separate wire rack just for drying swimsuits. I was wasting space and needed to organize it better.

Here’s what it looked like before:

Bathroom Storage

And here’s what it looked like after I remade it into its original purpose. Before, I stored my extra towels in my bedroom closet. It makes much more sense and adds more convenience to have them stored in the bathroom where they belong.

Bathroom Storage

The Shower Shelf

Man, say that three times fast! Most bathrooms come equipped with a place to store shampoos, soaps, and shower gels. Mine has a two-shelf rack. There was a time where my in-shower bathroom storage was a mess. I had multiple different types of shampoos and conditioners, old and new razors, and various shower gels and face products. There are two options that I, and people like me, had: buy less things, or get more storage. I opted for the former because to be frank, there’s absolutely no need to have a million different products in the shower.

So, to have an organized shower/bath area, you have to find your truth. Do you need less, or do you need more storage? Only you can answer this question.

The Sink & Countertops

Okay. You saw above that I was definitely abusing my sink counter-space. I had hand wash, hair dye, a comb, a little bit of trash, and other stuff there. If I had a bigger counter space, I would probably fill it with things like hair products and cotton swabs too. But let me tell you why it’s super important to keep these open-air spaces as clear as possible…

When you flush the toilet, it creates a mist of bacteria (yes, including fecal bacteria) that gets all over everything in the bathroom that is out in the open. With sinks and faucets, this is impossible to prevent. You just have to stay on top of cleaning it regularly with disinfectant. If your countertops are covered in miscellaneous items, that’s a lot harder to do. Those items are getting dirty, and they’re going to transfer that bacteria to your skin and respiratory system. If you just gagged, good. I did too. Because the idea of that is disgusting.

Now, my sink space has only hand wash on it.

Maintaining Your Bathroom Storage

Once you’ve overhauled your bathroom storage spaces and made them into decluttered, organized, and aesthetically pleasing places, you have to take on the next step. That next step is maintaining that hard work that you’ve done. The good news is that after we declutter, keeping things tidy and organized gets a lot easier. You still have to keep a focus on your counter spaces being clean, your items being where they belong, and have an awareness of anything that should probably be thrown away over time (such as expired medication and vitamins). Once you master this habit of being aware, it’ll be super easy to stay organized. A clean bathroom is a happy bathroom!