Smart Pantry Organization Solutions

Cleaning and organizing your kitchen pantry can seem like a tedious task until you find yourself constantly searching for food items and realize you need a better solution.

Picture yourself in the thick of preparing dinner. Going to your food pantry to grab a box of rice and all you see is shelf after shelf filled with nonperishable items. You begin to sort through the cans, jars, and boxes in search of what you need. At this point, you probably feel frustrated, flustered and defeated.

Has this scenario ever happened to you? Don’t fret because there is a simple solution to avoid frustration. Organizing your pantry is an easy, time-saving solution to help prevent you from feeling discouraged the next time you need to find that box of rice in a hurry.

Here are some 6 easy tips for organizing your pantry…

1. Begin with a clean slate.

Remove all the items currently in the food pantry and set them aside. Don’t worry about sorting through the items at this point. The goal is to clear the clutter and start your pantry organization. After all the items are removed take a moment to wipe down the shelves.

2. Sort your inventory.

Separate into categories. Place can goods in one pile, dry goods in another pile, condiments in another pile and so on. This way you can store like items together, making it easier to find them.

3. Invest in some storage tools for your pantry organization.

In order to make the best use of your kitchen pantry, you may need to purchase a few storage organizers. Amazon has some great pantry storage tools like a can rack organizer, lazy susan turntable and baskets. These tools will help you gain more usable space and organize your food in an easily accessible way.

4. Focus on one area at a time in your food pantry.

Start with a shelf. Visualize what type of items you would like to store on that shelf. If the shelf is at eye-level then you probably want to store the food items you use the most on that shelf. If you find yourself reaching for canned goods and pasta the most then this shelf would be a great place to put some glass pantry storage containers

5. Fill your food storage containers.

Empty all those pasta and rice boxes and place the dry goods in airtight food storage containers. After you fill your containers, add labels and write the contents on the label. Now you can easily see your food and know when you are getting low on your supply.

6. Stock your shelf for the best pantry organization.

Stack the cans and jars you use the least toward the back of the spice and can rack organizer and place the most-used goods toward the front. Dispose of any cans/jars that are expired and donate any nonperishables you don’t plan to use to a local food bank. Now add some of those storage containers and a few baskets. Fill the baskets with chip bags and condiments. Once that shelf is filled then you can move on to the next shelf. Soon your shelves will be fully stocked and well-organized.

Bonus Tips – Best Ideas for Pantry Organization

Here is another place where you can find some creative ideas for Pantry Organization, using everyday items, for food storage and organizing your pantry. Don’t miss this super useful video for some great tips on kitchen pantry organization.

After organizing your pantry you will soon be ready to tackle your whole kitchen. Not sure where to begin? Here are some helpful ways to organize your kitchen cabinets.