Organizing your fridge can save you time, money and helps prevent spoilage.

Does your refrigerator look more like a science laboratory than a place to store your perishable food? Is that bag of produce emitting a rancid odor that’s permeating your entire fridge? If so, then the following steps will help keep your refrigerator organized so you can easily find the food you’re looking for and avoid wasting unused food.

How to Organize Your Gridge Via The Home Edit

Steps for Organizing Your Fridge

1. Invest in some storage tools.

Instead of randomly stacking your food on the shelves and in drawers, you could purchase a few storage containers to help keep it in order. Since the food in the fridge is perishable, it’s best to purchase these storage items before you clear out the refrigerator so you don’t have to store your food outside of the fridge for too long. Amazon has some great refrigerator storage tools like stackable storage bins and food saver containers. These tools will help you gain more usable space and keep your food fresh longer.

2. Clear out the mess

Remove all the items currently in your fridge. Sort through them as you take them out and discard any food that is expired or spoiled. Temporarily store all the food you’re keeping in a cooler with ice. That way your perishables will stay cool while you organize your fridge.

3. Remove the shelves and drawers.

After all the food items are removed, take out all shelves and drawers. Fill your sink with warm water and dish soap and scrub each shelf and drawer until they’re clean. Rinse them well with warm water and dry them completely.

4. Clean your fridge.

Wipe down all refrigerator surfaces, including the inside door, with a damp dishcloth soaked in some dish soap. After all, surfaces are clean, wipe them down again with a rinsed dishcloth so no soap residue remains. Then return all the shelves and drawers to the fridge.

5. Fill your food storage containers.

Start with one shelf. Visualize what type of items you would like to store on it. If the shelf is a lower shelf, then you probably want to store the food items your kids use the most there. If you find your kids reaching for snacks and juice boxes the most then this shelf would be a great place to put a few stackable storage bins. Fill the bins with yogurts and juice boxes or whatever snacks your kids prefer. Now when they want a snack, they can easily grab one.

6. Fill your food saver containers.

Empty all those plastic produce bags and place the fruits and vegetables in a vented food saver containers. Stack the containers in your fridge’s produce drawer. The containers will keep moisture away from your produce and reduce decay.

7. Stock the rest of your fridge.

Add more stackable storage bins to the next shelf and fill them with soda cans and energy drinks. Once that shelf is filled then corral similar condiments together on the fridge door. Soon your refrigerator will be well-organized and ready to use. You also might want to keep a box of baking soda in the back of your fridge to help absorb any future odors.

Check out this detailed video for some clever tips on how to organize your fridge.

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