Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who has a big ol’ walk-in pantry or you’re like me and resort to kitchen cabinets to store your non-perishables, we could all do with some better pantry organization. My pantry is always over-stocked. Whenever we grocery shop, it’s hard to resist the cheap bags of pasta and the need to buy more oats. I always buy things faster than I can eat them. That used to be a problem, but after organizing my pantry I found that it was easier to stop over-buying and made knowing what to cook for meals a lot easier. Pantry organization upped my cooking game! And my snack game… oops!

With everything in plain view, I always know what I have. I also always know just where to find it, what we need to buy more of, and to top it off: my pantry looks great and clean!

So, if you’re working with a big pantry or a little pantry and you’re just looking for some better pantry organization and efficiency, read on! These tips are for you!


Tips & Tricks for Better Pantry Organization

Pantry Doors

Our pantry, be it a closet, a big room, or a cabinet, has doors. This provides a previously unused space for more storage. You can add plastic shelves to the back of your pantry doors or screw individual containers to the back. Alternatively, for those with big doors, you can hang a shoe organizer back there and store everything from bags of pasta to tasty snacks! I don’t recommend storing canned goods on the back of the door or anything with a lot of weight behind it because it might bend the hinges.

Replace Containers

Things like cereal, oats, and chips would benefit from being transitioned from their original container into a uniformly sized plastic or glass container. This makes your dry goods more easy to stack. It also looks a lot better than seeing the labels. Plus, you can see exactly how much is left because the containers are clear.

Pantry Organization & Food Storage

Canned Goods

If you can’t store canned goods on the back of the door, where should you store them? Well, here’s an idea! Grab some magazine holders. They’re the perfect size to stack cans on their sides. You’ll fit a lot more in your pantry without needing to constantly pick them up off the ground after they roll off the shelf onto your toes. Ouch!


Snacks come in all different shape and sizes. But one thing they often have in common is that little oblong hole in the top of their packaging. This hole is used at the grocery store, so they can be displayed on a hanging display. How do you store those? Well, take a page out of the grocery store’s book! All you need to get to make your own hanging display is a skinny wooden board, glue, and curtain clips. It’s an easy project that takes only an hour or two and it makes storing snacks super easy.

Pantry Organization & Food Storage

Use Labels

with the crates. That way you can store taller items there. Then when you want to get them, you can easily pull them out into the light. This is also great for bulk items and items that are heavy.Labels make a pantry look neater, more fun, and allow you to make changes as necessary. They’re a great addition to pantry organization! Labels will allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for instantly and you won’t have to look at a mess of clashing labels. You can use any kind of style or font. You can also use markers that will wash off in the dish washer. That way, you can write directly on your container. Then, when you want to change it, just pop it in the dish washer!


Something that has always bugged me about pantry organization is that my spice jars come in all different sizes and shapes. I originally rectified this by moving them all to matching containers. But then I discovered the idea of using drawer organizers made of wire to organize them. Simply screw these wire organizers to the wall and create a shelf of them on the wall. Your spices will be really well organized and will be easy to find!

Use a Lazy Susan

Heck, use two! Lazy Susans are meant to make corner space that is otherwise hard to use into functional, practical space. Stick them in the corners of your pantry, or mini ones in your cabinet, and you’ll have easier access to your food items!

Wheeled CratePantry Organization & Food Storage

The bottom shelves of the pantry are hard to reach and inconvenient. I end up losing things sometimes because I simply forget that they’re there. Instead of having shelving there, you can put some crates on wheels and replace your drawers


Use Baskets

These tips are all great. But the easiest way you can your pantry is by using baskets. You can get baskets that fit your taste. Simply put them on your shelves and fill them with like items. It’s easy to do, cheap, and looks great!


With these quick and easy tips, your pantry will go from mess to magic! Some of these tips take longer than others, but even the more work-intensive ones are worth the effort. Your pantry gets a lot of use. Do yourself a favor and re-organize it! Organization is a gift you give yourself. That includes pantry organization!