Organize Kitchen Cabinets with These Simple Tips and Tricks


Preparing food is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and fun things to do, but sometimes it becomes tedious and messy. To enjoy cooking while also having fun doing it, you need to be organized. There are a few tips I would like to share with you, upon maximizing your space, lessen chores and make cooking clean, enjoyable and healthy. So as you read on here are the following things you need to organize kitchen cabinets.

IKEA DROPPAR Spice Jar Frosted

This Ikea spice jar is ideal to have in your kitchen. It can fit in your drawers while keeping the quality of your spices in an organized way.

You can have them near your stove or put them in a drawer where you can quickly get them when needed. I believe that it is must have in kitchen organization.

  • Dimensions 4″ Height, 4″ Volume, 14 oz Diameter, 10 cm Height, 9 cm Volume, 0.4 L
  • Transparent glass to see what’s inside
  • Made of stainless steel and glass which is dishwasher safe

IKEA DROPPAR Spice Jar Frosted for organize kitchen cabinets

IKEA DROPPAR Spice Jar Frosted for organize kitchen cabinets

Slide-A-Shelf SAS-FE-L-M

Make the most of your kitchen storage by adding this Slid-A-Shelf in your cabinets. It will make items you keep under them closets get to quickly. You can keep your pans, baking essentials or any tools for cooking.

They are made to order so make sure to give out your measurements properly for them to fit nicely. Super easy to install in a jiffy and all you’d need is a screwdriver for all hardware are included.

  • Made out of solid maple fronts for a chic design
  • Made to fit for the measurements and quantity that you desire
  • Minimum of 2 orders that you can choose to combine any size and layout of Slide-A-Shelf

Slide-A-Shelf for organizing kitchen cabinets

Slide-A-Shelf for organizing kitchen cabinets

Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susan Set

Having this Rev-A-Shelf lazy susan set under your cabinet is a life saver. When it comes to easy storing it’s rotating design is beneficial. It’s now easy to get things under and going even if your items are a bit heavy.

With its pretty easy to install shaft and mounting hardware you can place them to organize your kitchen cabinets.

  • Comes with (2) Shelf White Kidney-Shaped Polymer
  • Cabinet doors do not attach to the shelf
  • Rotates polymer hardware
  • Dimensions when assembled 28″ W x 28″ D x 2.25″ H

Rev-A-Shelf for organize kitchen cabinetsRev-A-Shelf to organize kitchen cabinets

FlyingColors Laguiole Flatware Set

This durable yet functional FlyingColors Flatware Set will do its magic. Organizing your kitchen drawer is quite bothersome not keeping your utensils in place. Worry no more for this crafty piece made out of wood will keep your appliance in place and keep them safe to organize kitchen cabinets.

They are also suitable as gifts for it comes with stainless steel spoon, teaspoon, knives and fork.

  • It includes six each of 9-inch Traditional Knives, 9-inch Dinner Forks, 8.5-inch Soup Spoons, and 6-inch Teaspoons.
  • Dishwasher ready
  • Great gifts

FlyingColors Laguiole Flatware Set to organize kitchen cabinets

Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf

With this Seville Classics expandable kitchen counter, you can maximize space in your cabinet. If you want to separate things to keep them organize this thing will do it correctly while having enough space.

So with this piece, it will make things lightly in organizing your kitchen cabinets. To reduce clutter and avoid messy cabinet setup.

Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter to organize kitchen cabinets

Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter to organize kitchen cabinets

DIY Floating Shelf for Your Kitchen:

If you want to maximize space and storage in your empty kitchen walls are the way to go. Here’s a little project that you can follow to make a floating shelf on your own.

Materials you’ll be needing:

  • White Wood
  • Pine Board
  • Kreg Jig
  • Woodscrew
  • Brad Nails
  • Glue
  • Level Gauge

Using the white wood and pine board to make the brackets. You need to cut personal posts and attach them to a cleat so that it supports the weight of your shelf. You can connect them using a Kreg jig. Make four brackets evened out on one long white wood of your preferred measurement.

Then mount the brackets to the wall by using a stud and level gauge. Use the appropriate size of wood screws for the bracket to attach to the studs. Attach the pine board at the top with the right measurement.

Finish up with the front and side pieces of trim using glue and a brad nailer. Then fill all holes with stainable wood putty, wiping off the excess with a wet cloth. When the wood putty is dry, sand down all putty, edges, and corners. Then paint your shelf that will complement your organize kitchen cabinet.

Here are other things you can learn by checking this video below on how to organize your kitchen cabinets.

Tips on How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

  • Segregate your cooking essentials in different cabinets when storing to organize kitchen cabinets.
  • Have a cabinet specific only to a particular cooking task. For example, have only baking essentials in a single assembly and different cooking methods on the others.
  • Label your kitchen cabinets and drawers to navigate items easily.
  • It is also better to keep your food and materials separately. So it’s better if you have a designated area for food products like a pantry.
  • Color coordination is also a good way of keeping things in an orderly fashion. Assigning different colors in your kitchen will not only ease up on sorting, but it may even brighten up the mood of your environment.

There you go these are some of the best tips you can try to help you to organize kitchen cabinets. Til next time!

Viena Abdon

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