Best Types Of Wrapping Paper Storage

Do you love giving gifts? A lot of people do, and many of those even love the wrapping part! However, gift wrapping can be a nightmare. The act itself is not a problem alone. The frustration is in the need to gather all the required items to wrap a gift that can be a pain. Where’s the tape? The scissors were in the junk drawer, where’d they go? The wrapping paper itself is always a crinkled, half-unwrapped mess! That’s why you owe it to yourself to up your wrapping paper storage game.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s never a bad time for some spring cleaning. One of the messes you can add to your to-do list to tackle is that corner of the closet with rolls of messy gift wrapping paper leaning up against the wall that everybody seems to have. Instead, do yourself a favor and make your organizational skills the topic of admiration of friends and family alike! 

If you don’t quite have an organization system that is dedicated to gift wrapping, now is a great time to step up and grab one. Take your organization up a level and treat yourself to a serious gift wrapping organizer for all of your wrapping supplies and wrapping paper storage. Did you know that there are a bunch of different types of wrapping paper storage options out there? 

Here are some of the best Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas:

  • Under-Bed Wrapping Paper Storage

Under the bed is a great hiding place for more than just monsters! The under bed gift wrap organizers are awesome for those of who want our gift wrapping supplies out of sight. They’re also ideal for if you have limited space at home or just want to make the most out of the space you have!

This nifty one slips perfectly in under the bed. 

Even better, these types come in a variety of sizes. They also have different options for space dividers inside depending on what you need. Some might be thinner and some thicker. Some might even have wheels to make it easier for you when carrying around!

The under bed wrapping paper storage is a great option all-around.

  • Hanging Storage

If you’re one of those lucky people who has a lot of closet space or just wants to optimize their smaller space, hanging your wrapping paper storage is a fantastic option.

As such, this vertical organizer can hang right in the closet or on the back of the door.

Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage

This wrapping paper organizer does both easily!

Vertical organization saves a lot of space and has the added benefit of being transparent, so you can see what you’re looking for and grab it without needing to take the entire organizer out to your gift wrapping area when you want to wrap something! This is one of our favorites Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas.

  • Upright Organizers

Standing wrapping paper organizers are an ingenious solution to the ever-growing struggle of not having enough space.

They’re similar to how most of us without wrapping paper organizers store our gift wrap (standing up against the corner of the closet), but they take it a step further by standing the wrapping paper rolls up vertically so that they can’t unravel and crinkle. The standing gift wrap organizers can be stored on a shelf or in any corner of your home. They usually come with a cover. Plus, it has room for a lot of rolls. Seriously, who has that many rolls of gift wrap!?

Wrapping Paper Storage Stand

Many people use them for studios where there’s more space there than a simple bedroom. The downside of this is that it only holds wrapping paper rolls and no other wrapping supplies. This can be a tricky option if storing tape, scissors, and other decorative accessories is an important requirement for your storage option. But if you’re just concerned about your gift wrap rolls, this option is a great choice!

  • Generic Containers – Wrapping Paper Storage

There’s nothing new or unique about a long plastic container. This is the go-to for most people, and it works just fine.

There’s the benefit that you can get them at just about any big-box store, you can store them anywhere, you don’t need to worry about humidity and temperature, and they’re weather-resistant so you can stick them in the garage or in a shed. The downside is that they’re more bulky and heavier than other options, and they take up quite a bit of space.

Wrapping Paper Storage Bin

Wrapping Paper Storage Bin

However, there’s also the perk that you can use them for whatever you want if you decide that you don’t need to dedicate it to your gift wrapping supplies!

  • Wrapping Carts

There’s something so neat about having a little cart that is dedicated to organizing your gift wrapping supplies.

This one is one of the greatest Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas choice because it has a designated slot for keeping the wrapping paper upright and tidy and it has little rails on the side for storing ribbon.

Beyond that, there are numerous drawers and shelves for storing extra stuff.

Wrapping Paper Storage Cart

Wrapping Paper Storage Cart

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a huge gift-wrapping guru, this cart can inspire you to up your game. See what you can find to fill it up with the next time you visit the craft store!

The only down-sides are that they can be a bit bulky if you don’t have the extra space to tuck it away and assembly might be a hassle. But once it’s up and running, it does the job really well!